Electronic scoring has been available for Bridge for over ten years now.

It has always needed specialist equipment on the Bridge table and connected to the computer and this has tended to be expensive.

Bridgetab does not need any specialist equipment; it uses Android tablets to connect to the computer. Any Android device is suitable and are priced from as low as £35.

The advantage goes far beyond cost.

  • The screens are large and in colour and therefore so much easier to read. The dedicated devices are small and monochrome.
  • They use intuitive touch screen technology which so many people are already used to and there is very little training needed in their use.

Using a Bridgetab

Every table has a small tablet which North uses to record the score in the same way that they use a traveller.

A step by step guide to using Bridgetab is shown here

How they Work

Step 1

TD sets the movement using your scoring program.

Step 2

The TD clicks the Bridgtab scoring button.

Step 3

The details of the movement are sent to each tablet.

Step 4

North enters each players Identification Number and their name is displayed The boards for that round are displayed .

Step 5

The board to play is selected and the contract to be played is entered.

Step 6

The result is entered and East-West then confirm or reject the score.

Step 7

Optionally, you may display a summary of the results for the board or for the pairs standing in the event so far..

Step 8

You then select the next board.

At the end of the round the tablet shows where pairs are to move (just like a Movement card)

Then the names of the pairs expected at the table for the next round.


The tablets are linked to the scoring computer via a router which does not require Internet connection